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92% high-strength polyester + 8% elastic fiber

92% 高強度聚酯纖維 + 8% 彈性纖維

In order to effortlessly navigate various occasions every day, we endeavor to integrate comfort into every moment of life while retaining functional features. Each style we design possesses its own uniqueness, transforming clothing from mere garments into your personal companions.


Hence, we persist in using materials that combine sportiness and leisure as the hallmark of our brand. After two years of relentless search for materials and continuous sampling and testing, we have finally tailored the ideal fabric that retains both sporty elasticity and the soft touch of cotton. We call it "SUPOLY"!


Experience the functionality and comfort brought by SUPOLY together.


LUDOVIK.High-Quality Lifewear






因此,我們堅持以運動與休閒兼具的材質作為我們品牌的特色,經歷2年間不斷尋找材質、不停打樣測試,終於定製出 "保有運動彈性又能展現棉質觸感" 的理想布料,我們稱它為 "SUPOLY"!


一起體驗 SUPOLY 所帶來的機能與舒適


— LUDOVIK 高質感生活服 —


◇ Quick-drying and Sweat-wicking: Featuring a capillary action in its ultra-fine porous structure, the fabric fibers of SUPOLY are finer and more breathable, allowing the skin to breathe freely.


◆ Resistant to Deformation: The delicate air deformation silk ensures that SUPOLY fabric remains wrinkle-free, shrink-resistant, and colorfast. Even after washing and exposure to sunlight, garments retain their original shape and vibrant colors.


◇ Skin-friendly and Smooth: SUPOLY fabric possesses the soft and delicate feel of cotton, offering a 26%-36% softer touch than standard nylon, providing a superior comfort wearing experience.


◆ Strong and Flexible: Combined with LYCRA fiber, SUPOLY fabric is stretchable and durable, making it ideal for high-stretch activities.


◇ Lightweight Feel: Special air processing technology makes the fibers lighter, allowing for unburdened daily activities.


◆ Odor Resistance & UV Protection: With its high functionality, SUPOLY fabric eliminates concerns of sunburn and odor during physical activities.




◇ 速乾排汗:具虹吸功能的超細多孔結構,使布料纖維更細緻、透氣,讓肌膚能自在呼吸。


◆ 不易變形:精緻的空氣變形絲使 SUPOLY 布料不起皺、不縮水、不褪色,在洗滌日曬之後,衣著仍保有原型,顏色也依舊艷麗。


◇ 親膚順滑:擁有棉料優點的 SUPOLY 布料,其觸感柔軟細膩,比標準尼龍軟 26%-36%,提供更佳的舒適穿著體驗。


◆ 彈性強韌:與 LYCRA 纖維結合,具拉伸性且耐磨,非常適合在高伸展性運動上穿著。


◇ 輕量體感:空氣特殊加工技術,讓纖維更加輕量,日常活動無負擔。


◆ 抗異味&紫外線:SUPOLY 布料的機能性高,在投入運動時,不需擔心曬傷、異味等問題。